Superior Waste Removal and Recycling

Carlo Minto Carting– Superior Waste Removal and Recycling

“We are committed to the health and safety of our community and the environment.”Marco Minuto, Carlo Minuto Carting Inc

Carlo Minuto Carting has offered superior waste removal since 1969. As a family owned and independently operated local business, we have established ourselves as a safe, dependable, responsive, and cost efficient leader in waste removal and recycling. We feature the personal attention and service that large, consolidated haulers simply cannot match. Fully insured and bonded, Carlo Minuto Carting is committed to responding to the needs of the community quickly and effectively at the lowest possible cost.

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    Clean & Healthy Environment

    Promoting and maintaining the health, safety and the environment of the community

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    Responsible Collection & Disposal

    Safely and effectively collecting solid waste as well as ensuring proper disposal.

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    Real Cost Savings

    Seeking new technologies and services to provide more efficient and economical collection, recycling and disposal of waste materials

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    Education for Our Customers

    The education of business and residential customers to reduce waste,

Superior Waste Removal and RecyclingSuperior Waste Removal and Recycling